main page of OPAPThe Older person’s Action Program at Kingston East Neighbourhood Group Inc. delivers the following services for seniors in the local community:

Senior First Aid (CPR)

Accredited First Aid training over one day including CPR, De-fiblerator, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, common accidents requiring first aid – falls, broken bones, burns, dehydration, hyper-thermae, as well as lunch.

Pamper Days

Seniors specific and intergenerational – information, self-care, healthy food, entertainment, activities.

On-going and up-coming information sessions to enhance health and well-being.


Community Catch-up

Commuity Gatherings – catch up with friends, make new contacts and enjoy morning tea with brief information, discussionand sharing on maintaining wellbeing.

Cross Cultural Information Sessions

Various cultures/ethnicities are presented and discussed with a view to build community trust, understanding, broaden knowledge of cultural, religious, ethnic diversity, improve cross-cultural dialogue and interaction and reduce miss-understandings and assumptions.