WWWT is an innovative program for mothers, fathers and their first babies. Many parents will have attendede childbirth education classes during pregnancy to help prepare for the birth. However, parents also have much to learn after the baby arrives. It can be difficult to imagine in advance how life will change with the arrival of a new baby, so WWWT aims to provide relevant information at the time parents need it most – when their baby is in their arms.

WWWT fills two gaps in current parenting education. First, WWWT shows strategies to manage baby crying and settling difficulties and to promote sustainable sleeping habits from an early age. Second, it provides new language and ideas to help parents adjust to the changes in their relationship with each other after the birth of their first baby.

The content of the program is derived from research evidence, clinical experience and wide consultation with new parents, maternal child and family health nurses, clinical and health  psychologists, general practitioners, pediatricians, lactation consultants and parenting educators.


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