main page of OPAPThe Older person’s Action Program at Kingston East Neighbourhood Group Inc. delivers the following services for seniors in the local community:

Senior First Aid (CPR)

Accredited First Aid training over one day including CPR, De-fiblerator, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, common accidents requiring first aid – falls, broken bones, burns, dehydration, hyper-thermae, as well as lunch.

Pamper Days

Seniors specific and intergenerational – information, self-care, healthy food, entertainment, activities.

On-going and up-coming information sessions to enhance health and well-being.

Positive Impact

Medicare Local initiative to address diet issues through access to a dietician at no cost and the development of an individual diet/exercise plan.

Diabetes Australia

Information, resources and encouragement to address issues associated with the chronic disease Type 2 Diabetes.

Maturity Blues

Information on depression with ageing and some ways of addressing this: work to de-stigmatise mental health issues: good brain and heart food morning tea to promote good mental health as well as reduce likelihood and/or severity of dementia  through diet and exercise.

Seniors Rights (Elder Abuse Prevention Unit)

Highlight the rights of seniors and empower seniors to have the courage and knowledge to identify abuse, physical, financial, emotional/psychological, verbal and by denying or threatening to deny access to family/friends, suitable nutrition and housing, external and in-home support services, medications.

Cross Cultural Information Sessions

Various cultures/ethnicities are presented and discussed with a view to build community trust, understanding, broaden knowledge of cultural, religious, ethnic diversity, improve cross-cultural dialogue and interaction and reduce miss-understandings and assumptions.