Immediate Supported Accommodation (ISA) Program


  • Strength-based practice
  • Trauma informed approach
  • Short to medium term goals including affordable accommodation
  • Achieve positive outcomes
  • Personal and community support for all families

Immediate Supported Accommodation (ISA) responds to a need for respite, security, a place to decide next steps, and ultimately a place for transition. Some of the services that we provide in order to achieve real and sustainable pathways include:

  • Initial and ongoing joint assessment and planning of client needs and goals;
  • Confidential, practical, and emotional support;
  • Development of client skills to live independently and to successfully sustain tenancies;
  • Connection to parenting/childcare programs and support groups;
  • Advocacy and assistance to access housing and specialist services including: mental health, legal, budgeting and debt, family violence support, drug or alcohol, and other mainstream services;
  • Addressing and resolving barriers to accessing permanent accommodation, including tenancy histories, budgeting and financial management, and engaging with services;
  • Follow-up and support after leaving the program.

Kingston East Neighbourhood Group is a community based organisation, which provides support and accommodation to families and individuals in Logan. The accommodation offered is “Immediate Supported Accommodation” and is therefore temporary. However, the team will work with the family or individual to obtain a more permanent and sustainable accommodation option.

We work with families and individuals to:

  • Prevent individuals and families from becoming or remaining homeless
  • Access permanent accommodation
  • Encourage integration into the community
  • Break the cycle of violence
  • Support where possible the unification and re-unification of families by providing good supports and resources
  • Improve interpersonal relationships through the learning of new skills
  • Foster skills and an environment whereby parent/s and carers enjoy parenting their children.

The ISA program is funded by the the Department of Housing
Properties are provided by Queensland Housing

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