Family Support Program

Do you sometimes feel:

  • Very stressed
  • Unable to cope with parenting your children
  • Unable to juggle your finances
  • Unable to maintain relationships

The Family Support Program can provide a person who will listen to you in your home and may be able to help when things go wrong for you and your family.  The service is free and you are in control of what service is offered to you.  To take part, phone the family support worker on 38081684 or have another agency refer you to our service.



  • The Family Support Program has operated at the Kingston East Neighbourhood Group Inc. since 1992
  • The Family Support Program is an early intervention/prevention program which aims to strengthen relationships, and assist families in coping with struggles in their everyday life.
  • Family Support Workers:
    • come to you in a caring supportive role and offer ongoing help in resolving personal and family issues
    • assist you to make contact with other external community services that may also be of assistance to you
    • work in collaboration with other agencies and community services to assist client families to reach their goals and potential
    • aim to assist families to set their own goals, make their own decisions, use their own natural abilities, and get in contact with community services that may be able to assist
    • respect the confidentiality of their clients.



Family Support Workers bring their own life experiences and training that can help families to develop life skills.  They also offer emotional and practical support.

SOME of the ways Family Support Workers may be able to help are:

  • Identify new ways to cope with family issues and the pressures of everyday life
  • Work together with you to find out what is normal behaviour for your child/children at different ages
  • Discuss ideas on how to handle stress and find ways to relax and have some time out
  • Discover new ways to help with home management, hygiene, routines and cooking
  • Work together to develop a budget that fits your income
  • Encourage participation in courses (e.g. parenting, budgeting, self development, pre-employment, computer, etc.) and programs offered at our Centre
  • Help you to discover resources in your community that will be useful for you
  • Provide an advocacy & liaison service to assist with difficult issues
  • Just be there to listen and provide support to individuals and families.

The Family Support Program is funded by the Department of Communities.